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Dongguan Yingfa Industrial Company Limited authorize YINGFA NEW ZEALAND LIMITED as New Zealand country’s exclusive sales. YINGFA NEW ZEALAND LIMITED can sale “YINGFA” brand’s swimsuit, swim trunks, goggles, silicone swimming caps that producted by Dongguan Yingfa Industrial Company Limited.


Dongguan Yingfa Industrial Company 2009-01-01


                         Official Declaration

The YingFa name and logo have been registered as Trade Marks in New Zealand , Issued by the Economic Development , Intellectual property office of New Zealand. As the Trade Mark owner We are entitled to use it as a Trade Mark to identify and promote goods or services in New Zealand.We can take action against a trader who infringes our TradeMark.

We hereby declare that we don’t have any branch offices and/or subsidiary companies in NEW ZEALAND

We hereby remind every client to discern any counterfeiting business activities appearred in the Internet by means of imitating our company.

 We hereby remind every client to distinguish the fake Yingfa bathing suits appearred in the market in order to avoid any of your economic loss which would be caused by fake products.

 We reserve the lawsuit rights to any purchase activities and/or sale activities caused through any non-normal sources and/or non-normal management ways.